We had our official Grand Opening this past Saturday!

We had technically been open for a little over three weeks at that point, but we weren’t able to do the Grand Opening celebration we wanted when we originally opened our doors. This was due to the fact that when we first opened our doors, it was very impromptu because we were waiting on inspections and approvals. When we found out we were good to go, we opened the next day without much notice to the community.

So, Saturday when we had our Grand Opening, we celebrated! We had raffles, giveaways, and all sorts of fun stuff. We raffled off free shake and tea combos, boxes of our liftoff energy, and even dates with the owners of Ferndale Nutrition – Jen and Mike! (This was more of a joke than anything – just something to make people laugh.)

The Grand Opening was amazing. It is so incredible to see the amount of love and support we’re getting from our friends, family, and the entire Ferndale community. We have been welcomed so lovingly into the arms of the great city of Ferndale, and we can’t express the amount of gratitude we feel toward every soul that has walked through our doors.

To all who have come to visit, and all who visit in the future – from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. We do this for you and we love serving our community through these delicious healthy options!

See y’all soon!


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