Buildout: Volume 2

We are almost finished with this step of our journey! We are currently in the process of meeting requirements from the health department, finishing up building the bar, and purchasing all of the little necessary things we need in order to make sure we can open our doors THIS WEEKEND. This has been a crazy process so far, and our whole team is learning a lot about taking initiative, being patient, and not complaining about things that don’t go our way.

The above picture was taken a few weeks ago (I’m a little behind, been super busy). In my next post, you’ll get a better look at how far we’ve come. The bar is no longer hollow, it has counter tops, the walls are painted, we have equipment behind the bar, and there is a wall dividing the front and back of our club. It’s amazing to see the transformation and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

We are currently planning on opening our doors this weekend (possibly Saturday, June 22nd. If not, Sunday, June 23rd). I will post another update soon with a more recent photo of all the progress we’ve made. For now, plan on stopping by to see us very soon!

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