Buildout: Volume 1

Construction has begun on the club!

It all started with grinding the cement flooring down. The previous occupants of our location had carpet throughout the building. I don’t know if you know this, but carpet glue is extremely difficult to get through. Our goal is to have a polished cement look for the flooring, and the carpet glue was our first obstacle to this goal. It took hours of grinding the floors with diamond coated grinders, followed by vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping. The floor still isn’t finished, but we got to a point where we could move on to the next step: plumbing!

Since the previous occupants used the space as an office setting, they did not leave behind any existing plumbing outside of the bathroom. So, we needed to get some plumbing put in for our blender washing sinks, hand washing sinks, mop sink, and drains. Before this could happen, we needed to get someone to drill into the cement so that we could lay down the plumbing. Once this was finished, the plumber was able to do his part of the job.

Today, we will be getting a plumbing inspection done by the city so that we can move forward with our project.

Next step: building the bar! Stay tuned.

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