Ferndale Nutrition – The Journey Begins

We are in the dawn of a new era!

This is all a process and a journey. My cousin Jen and I are beginning this new phase that involves working toward becoming better versions of ourselves and building a better life. Jen approached me about opening up this club about a month ago. At first, it took me by surprise, but it only took me about a minute to make the decision to jump in with both feet. In a matter of three weeks we found a business location for our club. Two weeks after that, we signed our lease. Now, we are currently in the construction process so that we can officially open the business!

This is all happening much faster than I had initially anticipated. There is still a lot of hard work required in order to get the nutrition club up and running, but we know that it will all pay off, as hard work tends to do. 

Ferndale Nutrition is going to be a vessel for us to serve our community and change people’s lives. This is our mission.

We are hoping to have our Grand Opening in early June. Stay tuned!




The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

 — Lao Tzu


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